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Law Office Services 


Full Charge, trial balance, banks, credit card & Iolta compliance reconciliations 


Financial statements,

Real time reporting,

Cash flow position, KPI's.

Case Management

Trust & Client matter, time, billing, user rates, roles 

Auto upload to books 

CFO Representation 

Financial analysis,

Build on strengths,  

Outsource weaknesses' 

HR Payroll

Full service payroll,

Benefits, Insurances, 

Employment law 


Financial & Tax planning, Compensation plans,

Pitch Lenders, M&A  


Three Simple Phases That Future Proof Your Law Practice

Power is the action of Information


- Needs assessment 
- Management style
- Cash flow analysis

- Plan of Action

+   Increase Cash Flow

Workflow /Processes

- Automate & Document

- All routine data entry

- Eliminate human error

- Reposition staff skills

 -  Decrease Overhead Costs


- Data builds momentum 

- for analysis,  What-If ?

- Scenarios, Insights for

- Decisions, Strategies

+   Profits  -  Growth

The language of LAW merges with the language of BUSINESS

Run your  Law practice like an efficient  business

           WHY ?

Value time, energy & creativity,                             Focus on Professional Image, vision, goals,       Command Work / Life balance.               


           HOW !

Optimize office challenges                                           Data entry speed, security                                         Actionable data driven insights  





                                               When the WHY is clear........ The HOW is easy

                                                Determine enemies of success, risk levels          

                                      Financial,  Tax Benefits, Retirement, Estate Planning,

                                     Legacy,  Asset Protection, Succession,  Exit Strategy  

                                               Secure your firm's position as a  Power Player                                                         


       Enter 2021 with a cash flow plan contact me  for review of 2020 position 

        Apply for your IRS IP  ( Identity protection Pin )  

                State Incorporation Reports are due for annual renewal

         Sincere wishes for  Healthy & Happy & Prosperous 2021

About Me

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My offerings for your firm are:

2 1/2 tax seasons with CPA firms

Three private  controller positions

25+ years as a solopreneur &  Intuit Pro Advisor

Proficiency of law office procedures, practice areas

Skillset of experience, knowledge & AI  tech stacks

Highest value of report delivery that matters 

Beyond back office for overlooked or dismissed issues 

Accounting best practices, I take full ownership,

We share, or anywhere in between to build a 

collaboration of discovery & solutions and grow

a mutual respect of loyalty & trust.


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