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-MANAGED SUPPORT.                                                                                      CLOUD SOLUTIONS

Money In. Accounts Receivable                                                                                             CRM
Money Out. Accounts Payable                                                                                             BillPay
Bank/Credit Card Data.                                                                                                  AutoEntry-ACH
Reporting                                                                                                                   Payroll. –  HR

Tax Planning
Business Plan                                                                       Funding

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About ProBooks

During these difficult times, I welcome your business accounting, management, or stability concerns. I will share with you what I know or research to provide an answer

Please consider me as a trusted Advisor 

Keep Well and Safe

Principal & Founder of ProBooks

Marilyn Charles

Growth vs. Management

The ability for the small business to compete using technology is more available and affordable than ever. Bookkeeping is the money side of your business, and it’s where many businesses can fail due to lack of and missed opportunities

Cloud software makes bookkeeping easy but don’t go it alone. You know your business best yet stall in incubator mode with present interruptions that will consume your time away from your customers that statistically generate 80% of your profits.

I customize your accounting file based on your industry essentials and management style. Attention to your mindset can be “fixed” staying safe in  proven or “growth”  researching  related  business processes in a fast changing environment to continue to grow and prosper

Bookkeeping is vital to any business venture

Resolve your current work flow issues first by maximizing the value of your cloud software.

Add efficiencies designed to simplify your professional life with time and money saving applications that create accurate reports to manage cash flow, study profit margins and track growth.

Valuable focus and time can now turn to target customer strategy.

Any or ALL of my managed services will guide and support you thru your overall business journey  to  enjoy in  a work/life balance.

Cloud Accounting Systems

Today’s Intuitive AI can scale critical business processes, measure results of goals and assure an engaging customer experience as well as the functional features that organize and record financial events, measure profit/loss and establish net business worth.

Each APP above has unique design features that could influence our final decision. 

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We will work within your current resources to clear the way toward your visions and goals