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Bookkeeping offer

Solo Attorney

Full charge firm & matter ledgers

billpay-payroll-time & costs invoicing bank,credit card & trust reconciliations

Firm financial statements

Firm Attorney

Full charge firm client's time & billing run parallel as income receivable

personal bank & credit card reconciliations

Personal financial statements


   A throwback of CPA & TAX firms
from Boston to Miami

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Founder, Principal of


Spend Smarter .....controls costs and financial accountability


"I had many lawyers as accounting and tax clients, for many years. Among those many endorsing me was Intuit CEO Brad Smith (You're fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!). Marilyn Charles eagerly soaked up all I could teach her and now makes many lawyers happier and more profitable."

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—  Michael Block  —


Law Firm Financial Management Services

Firm Bookkeeping
I take full ownership

  • Record financial events

  • AutoPay Expenses/Costs 

  • Payroll & Benefits

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Financial Reports


  • Regulatory & Risk Tracking

  • Liability & Tax Reporting

  • IOLTA Client Ledgers 

  • HR Guidance

  • Secure Communications Portal

WE Collaborate


Case Matters 
  We share based on role involvement

  • Attorney Role/Rate/Time

  • Virtual Wallet/Costs Recovery

  • Billing & Online Collection

  • Compensation Distribution

  • YES...Mobile Friendly

Power is the actions of information​

Accurate financials provide AI based insights, analysis, opinions for all issues that require attention

Level UP as automated workflows builds momentum. Reach out for  Planning Strategies, Tax Advantages

Pitch Banks, Investors, Mergers & Acquisitions.  Partner/Staff Compensation Plans.

Asset Protection, Financial Retirement, Succession, Estate Planning, Risk Exposure......​​

END GAME - ​Keep your own scorecard - Play to WIN

Monthly Law Firm
Automation Tool Updates


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