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Practice & Experience

My 20+ years as founder & principal of ProBooks provided me a firm understanding in most areas of law, positioning me to focus my practice on this distinguished group of professionals.      Automating data entry workflows where possible to align with your practice culture while practicing accounting principles for the highest value of report delivery that matters, faster using my skillset worth your money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Mission & Values

I intend to earn your trust offering my dedicated attention and share lessons learned to benefit your firm. 

I guarantee outstanding work and prompt turnaround time. 

My offering is traditional accounting and best practices, coupled with an eye on the latest technology and/or

reach out to my financial and technical network for expert resolutions. 

My Financial Reports are based on Accepted Accounting Principles that ensure data integrity. 

My actions would hold your firm's integrity as my own and willing sign and NDA to protect your assets. 

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