Practice & Experience

Personal Injury Law Professionals whose services provide years if not a lifetime of value

have been a major part of my client base

  Long term connections with the cruise ports in Boston and Miami also encourage my affinity for

                                                                                  Maritime Personal Injury Law   

                     During these past years I have researched a tech stack of  fully intergraded data driven automation tools

that provide efficient workflows, secure web and communication channels for the legal profession


                                 My accounting practice's new normal is a unique blend  of accounting knowledge and experience                                                                              coupled with the latest in law firm technologies     


                                           My goal is to provide these services with a smooth transition and adaptability

                                                      that fit law firm best and benefit a client centered law practice most 






Mission & Values

                Our one on one business relationship is based on an interaction of discovery and solutions                                              with a mutual respect toward a higher trust and loyalty.

I intend to earn your trust offering my dedicated attention and share lessons learned to benefit your firm. 

I guarantee outstanding work and prompt turnaround time and a skillset and fee structure well worth your money

My offering is traditional accounting best practices, coupled with an eye on the latest technology and/or

collaborate with my financial and technical network for expert opinions

My Financial Reports are based on Accepted Accounting Principles that ensure data integrity. 

My actions would hold your firm's integrity as my own and willing sign and NDA to protect your assets.