The Processes

Building your customized tech stack with the latest technologies, capabilities and service models to remain relevant for the law firm of the future

 WHY !

  • Effective use of cloud efficiencies enhance all  processes

  • Get back low value interruptions

  • Flexibility to work ON, not IN your law firm

  • Command thoughts, creativity , get the big picture!

  • Free up Firm needs of time and energy to focus on client culture 

  • Find peace of mind , WORK/ LIFE balance

  • Financial status -know where you are/where you're going

  • Develop and add value to your professional Image

  • Focus Mindset on Growth, Goals & Vision                                                                  

  HOW !

  • Scale back office administration, eliminate human error.

  • No manual entry, less time effort. more value.

  • Robotic data entry workflows.

  • Process driven work,  manage only exceptions.

  • Stay on top of visibility/transparency.

  • Speed optimization receivables, payables.

  • HR payroll /HR advice/Compensation Plans

  • Journal entry validation.

  • Compare financials to Benchmarks & KPI metrics

  • Provide analysis, insights what if scenarios, trends.

  • Actionable Real Time data driven reports   

  • Follow client relationships/behaviors

  • Technical training for all  User roles, permissions.



  • I learn situation, goals, internal and external factors. 

  • Ensure background work is done with the highest value of report delivery

  • Build Better profit margins with AI momentum

  • Interpret and formulate decision making information that matters, faster

  • Support in gaps of action plans, research for solutions and strategies

  • Our one on one relationship, based a collaboration of discovery and solutions 

  • Feel good scenario with mutual respect toward a higher trust and loyalty.    

  • Assure fee structure and my skillset well worth your money.

  • Full technical training for attorney-staff user roles